Maine Coon

RotCat Cattery

Maine Coon

Spessarttigers Jule

Julin  tiedot omakissassa linkki

More information on Juli link

She lives with Jarmo Wilkman NURMIJÄRVI

Owners Sera Lehtonen 

Breeder Sandra and Uwe Eichholz

Thousands of thanks to Sandra and Uwe, You trusted me with this SUPER female.

GIC RotCat Odessa

Odessan tiedot omakissassa linkki

More information on Odessa link

She lives with Susanna and Henri Rämänen LAHTI

Owners Sera Lehtonen 

GIC RotCat Sisy

Sisyn tiedot omakissassa linkki

More information on Sisy link

She lives with Esa Repo ORIMATTILA

Owners Sera Lehtonen and Esa Repo

IC RotCat Unia

Unian tiedot omakissassa linkki

More information on Unia link

She lives with Sari Iivarinen IMATRA

Owners Sera Lehtonen and Sari Iivarinen

Yankee Cats Great Roxann


She lives with at our house

Owners Sera Lehtonen 

Breeder Britta Singethan 

Thousands of thanks to Britta, You trusted me with this SUPER female.



RotCat Verna

Vernan tiedot omakissassa linkki

More information on Verna link

She lives with family Miikkulainen Hyvinkää

Owners Sera Lehtonen and family Miikkulainen